Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Megan's Visit

My sister, Megan came for a visit for 2 weeks this July. We had soo much fun with her here! My sister, Erin and her family came up that first weekend she was here. Annemarie was also here then too! We went to the Star Parade, went Roller Skate (where Mom fell and got a hair-line fracture in her wrist!), ate yummy food and just enjoyed spending time together.

Mom, Dad, Erin, Megan and I

8 Grand-kids all together!

All of us gathered for a picture, just before Annemarie and the Lounsbury's left. We are missing Aaron, he had to work.

With Meg just here, we did more stuff. Shopping, Starlight Mountain Theater, 2 movies, played games, a water fight with the boys, played XBox, played Dungeon Seige, relaxed and had fun together. It was great to have her here. The boys love it when she comes, we all do!
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