Monday, November 3, 2008

A Birthday, Halloween, and a Baptism

We had a very busy, fun weekend. AJ's sister, Heather and her hubby, John and their 3 boys came to visit along with AJ's Mom and Dad. We did our ward "Trunk or Treat", went Trick or Treating through our neighborhood and opened SJ's presents, all on Friday night. Then on Saturday we, ate SJ's donut cake, played around the house, the boys went on a walk with the dad's and Gramma, went to the $$ store, and went to IJ's Baptism. I am soo proud of IJ for being baptized! He was so excited and ready for it. He is such a joy. :) We went out to eat at Golden Corral after the baptism and we all ate too much! On Sunday we went to church, ate a yummy lunch, played a bit more and then all of our visitors left. It was so fun to have everyone here. The boys loved playing with their cousins and getting to spend time with Papa, Gramma, Heather and John. It was sad that John and one of their boys were sick some of the weekend, but we still had a blast. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.


galbraiths said...

wow how fun! you guys were busy!! Love the doughnut cake!! ;)

Erin Rebecca said...

That cake looks so yummy! We are so proud of IJ for getting baptized! We wish that we could be there. We are excited to see you all at Thanksgiving!